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Jan 12, 2012 2:00pm PST
quote . the federal workforce totalled 4,430 people in 2009 when obama took office. the number increased to $4,443.
Jan 12, 2012 11:00pm PST
quote of personnel, the federal workforce totaled 4 million in 2009 when obama took office. the number increased to 4.443 million. those are the employee totals. the number dropped in 2010. that's according to the census bureau. john heileman, it's always great rhetoric to say the government is exploding, is ballooning with people. the government is getting bigger and bigger. and it's not.
FOX News
Jan 21, 2012 2:00pm EST
quote key questions, which of the remain candidates can beat president obama and where will evangelicals throw their support. support. >> welcome to this special edition of the journal, editorial report. i'm paul gigot and we're live as south carolina voters head to the polls, capping off what could only be described as the
Jan 22, 2012 1:00pm EST
the racial divide in many ways, people pointed to for the election of president obama as kind of a postracial moment. actually the data and the book suggests there's a pretty significant racial divide between young blacks and young whites. when the ask the question what you believe racism is the major problem in this country, 69% young black people suggest. 32% of young whites said yet. about paintable% of young latinos say just. even the divide within their generation is substantial and suggest racism and race will continue to be a point of division among young people as they move through their generation. >> professor cohen, you mentioned the data in the book. what is the black youth project? >> it started out as a pretty major research project meant to highlight the voices of young black people and young people generally. we engaged in national representative survey. we then followed that up with focus groups in and around chicago. and we then followed that up with in depth interviews with some of the individuals who answered our survey. so we were looking for a representative sample so we
Jan 21, 2012 12:00pm EST
. from the sublime to deep political, you read a book about "the obamas". a very at miring book. the administration has disagreed. they have come out with some comments about you. what is it like to have a political firefight. what do you make of what is happening? >> it is a little change -- strange because -- i have been covering the obamas for five years for the new york times and started with a series we call the long run about trying to capture the lives of the candidates. especially because candidates are so restricted now. so hard to get access to them. one way we learn about them is through their biographies. we don't deeply into their past and characters and look at the whole person. this book in a way is an outgrowth of those stories i have been doing for years and years. the goal of this book was to really write about what i call the big change. when i started covering barack obama and michele obama they were barack and michele. the extraordinary thing that i was watching happen was watching these regular people become president and first lady of the united states. wh
Jan 25, 2012 2:30am PST
'll look back fondly at bobby and michelle a bill later in the show. >>> president obama off to cedar rapids, iowa, where he will continue to hit the theme of economic inequality that he laid out last night in his third state of the union address. yesterday's speech was aimed at drawing a sharp contrast to republicans on everything from clean energy to tax policy. perhaps the night's most memorable moment was the bipartisan salute to outgoing congresswoman gabby giffords. she was welcomed with a standing ovation as she steps down from congress to focus on her recovery from last year's assassination attempt, just over a year ago. president obama joined the chamber in welcoming giffords. great moment there. much of the president's 65-minute speech was dedicated to the economy, he also reflectioned on key military successes, in fact, he began with it, on his watch. >> for the first time in nine years, there are no americans fighting in iraq. [ applause ] for the first time in two decades, osama bin laden is not a threat to this country. most of al qaeda's top lieutenants have been defeat
FOX News
Jan 16, 2012 2:00pm PST
for sinking the ship? and check out this latest cover of "newsweek." the magazine asks why are obama's critics so dumb? greg gutfeld has the answer. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: our top story tonight, the showdown in south carolina. the primary is this coming saturday. tonight, the presidential hopefuls will square off during fox's debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. everybody is going to be watching this, eric. it will be exciting to see, weapon the developments today. huntsman is out. a lot of focus on romney. in fact, there is a new poll fox news in particular which has him up 25% and also gallup coming in consistently with that at 23%. that is pretty good. >> eric: down to five now, right? romney. flanked by two on each side. they will all take shots to him. my guess is he won't bother with him and he will go after obama. that is what he he has been doing. it worked for him. he played a smart defensive strategy the whole time as the only offense going, not inside the tent but across the aisle. i think he is handling it the right way. >> greg: what can't the candidates do to s
Jan 18, 2012 6:30pm PST
. >> a book published this week called "the obamas" by jodi kantor, a "new york times" reporter, alleges friction in the relationship between the first lady, michelle obama, and the staff of her husband. the presidential staff, of course. the book says that tension was because mrs. obama was interfering with the way the president's staff wanted to do business. the book details the friction, name well former obama press secretary robert gibbs and former obama chief of staff rahm emanuel, now the mayor of chicago. mrs. obama had this to say about rahm emanuel. >> one thing is true, that i talk very candidly to my husband about how i feel, but that's the kind of relationship i have. i wouldn't go to rahm about something i would talk to my husband about. if i didn't agree with something, i would talk to my own husband about it. >> the cantor book also details an alleged incident in which a french book says that carla bruni, the wife of nicholas sarkozy, asked mrs. obama how she liked living in the white house. mrs. obama reportedly replied, "don't ask. it's hell. i can't stand it." both mrs.
Jan 31, 2012 12:00am PST
, president obama has the entire republican party on the ropes. the republicans are taking one cheap shot trying to get back in the fight. this is "the ed show," let's get to work. >>> what did you call president obama? >> i called him captain schettino, the captain that fled the ship in italy. >> the obama derangement syndrome is going to the new level. >> get the held out of the united states of america. >> melissa harris-perry and dr. james peterson have reaction. >>> the fight for florida is ending with a flurry. >> conservatives will come together and decide they don't want a massachusetts liberal to be the republican nominee. >> the speaker has been attacking me all over the state in ways that are extraordinary. >> the latest with e.j. dionne. >> bill burton and joan walsh >> bill burton and joan walsh with the problem with the latino vote. >>> the fight for fairness headed to the floor of the senate. robert reich on today's big news for the buffet rule. >>> good to have you with us tonight, thanks for watching. newt gingrich is taking a pounding in florida. he's been outspent by mi
Jan 14, 2012 11:00pm EST
ever was in life that is our dream. >> host: chris matthew, thank you. between president obama and first lady michelle obama. jody cantor reports on the changes of the couple's relationship as the enter the white house and other efforts to raise their children and balance their personal life against the requirement of their public life. this is about an hour. >> welcome. i want to say to the c-span audience one minute about where we are. we are at the sixth and i synagogue which was one of the oldest in washington. they moved 2 miles northwest of here and it became a baathist church i believe and was the baathist church for quite a long time and then it was the congregation decided they would move it and so they were going to solve this building and was going to become a nightclub, and it was immediately as that news came out the great philanthropists said we can't let it become a nightclub let's make a senegal and again. and the refurbished it to it's literally just its original glory based on some old photographs and we were fortunate because my eldest son who is now 20 was t
FOX News
Jan 24, 2012 5:00pm PST
memo. just about an hour president obama will deliver his third state of the union address. we can expect the president to be in full campaign mode painting optimistic picture of america filled with forward-looking promises for middle class americans. that's what all politicians do. from the beginning i have opined that president obama is not a bad person. i think he genuinely wants to do good for americans. there is no malevolence in president obama's belief system. policy, policy, that's another matter. let's take a cold hard look at the facts. when president obama took office in 2009, the national debt was 10 point $62 trillion. today it is 15.23 trillion. an increase of 43% in three years. what do we have to show for that colossal increase in the debt? tell me. what? therein lies the biggest part of mr. president obama's deficit no pun. we have little to show for it federal pending was $304 billion today 323 billion. an increase of more than 6%. gallon of gas january of 2009, 1.84. right now $3.39. a whopping 84% increase. average family health insurance premiums, just about 13
Jan 11, 2012 6:00am EST
in because republican in 2008. what makes us all the more remarkable is than 2008, barack obama is running five points ahead of where john kerry ran in 2004. the country was shifting bluer as a whole is the series of the country were continuing to abandon the democratic party. obama was enabled to build the coalition that enable democrats to remain competitive in the states, even in extremely favorable environment for the democrats. in this region the democratic coalition is now significantly. to engage in a little with obvious foreshadowing, democratic senators held from the states. after excluding minority majority districts, 15 democratic congress contained in the state. democrats controlled out the governorships in 11 of the 16 state houses. so with the trend we begin to see if the national level of the states finally been made with democratic party filter down to congressional and state level that foreshadowed the debacle of the democrats. there's a positive side to the ledger. obama rainbow against minority voters and suburbanites, but the overall result was a wash. obama actually ra
FOX News
Jan 14, 2012 2:00am PST
: there is no question the last time around the media gave barack obama a big advantage over john mccain. but truthfully there are very few media personalities that have any influence anymore. since oprah left syndicated tv her clout has dropped. late night ratings are down. "saturday night live" watched by about 7 million people. generally there is no national forum in the media anymore. the rise of the net, people are scattered everywhere but that doesn't change, doesn't change the likelihood that republic presidential contender, whoever it may be, will be vilified in the media while president obama should get a rather soft ride. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction, with us here in the studio "new york post" critic linda stacy. los angeles pundit ben stein. what say you, ben? >> well, i say that the media is made by the people who make the media and they tend to be leftist, liberals, they tend to be antibusiness, antireligious, antimilitary. and they grind out that message night and day and, yes, the audience has been more dispersed because of the internet. they are still gett
FOX News
Jan 18, 2012 6:00pm PST
. >> more people have been pout food stamps by barack obama than any other president in history. >> the white house is firing back but is it really? we'll break down those numbers. >> so-called party of the 99% rolls out pricy plans ahead of the democratic national convention. we'll check out with michelle and expose the culture of corruption. >> sean: governor chris christie rocks in a state-of-the-state address in new hampshire. >> sean: jerry springer reacts to the highlights. our countdown continues hannity starts right here, right now. >> sean: major developments. mitt romney has maintained on his status on the front-runner but following monday's fox news channel debate in south carolina a resurntd enter newt gingrich is climbing back into the contest. in the latest survey, former speaker jumped 11 points in just two weeks and now finds himself within the margin of error of governor romney. santorum is in third place with 15% and followed by paul and rick perry. joining me now is reaction is dick morris. welcome back. >> good to be here. stuff changes every minute. >> sean:
Jan 8, 2012 5:30pm PST
page turner about michelle obama. tonight what's really going on in the white house. >>> tragedy in tucson, one year later gabby giffords returns to the scene of that awful day. >>> drug shortage. doctors sound the alarm, why can't patients get some of the most popular prescription drugs in america. >>> and making the grade. easing the stress of college with a little help from man's best friend. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. maybe it was a lack of rest or maybe they didn't like the overnight reviews, but barely 12 hours after exchanging mostly mild jabs on a new hampshire debate stage last night, the gop candidates were back at it this morning. this time swinging haymakers at the nbc news/facebook debate. some of the heaviest blows aimed at mitt romney, still the comfortable front-runner but slipping in the latest new hampshire tracking poll, which also finds significant volatility within the rest of the pack. with less than two days to go, the candidates came out today ready to fight for every vote. our political team is in place. we begin with
FOX News
Jan 10, 2012 11:00pm PST
of the obama program, of higher taxes, more regulation, less american energy, and attacking the people who create jobs, look at those two models. i believe we can reach out and we can create a majority that will shock the country and a majority that will begin to put us back in the right track. it is doable. it is a daunting challenge, but consider the alternative. if we do not go the extra mile and we do not offer a vision powerful enough to unify americans, and we ten down the road that obama has us on, but more than obama, bureaucracy has us on, the judges have us off, the entire pattern of how washington operates. more years of decay, more years of inadequacy, more years of falling behind, more years of growing weakness, that's the alternative. i believe that it will take someone who is capable of debating barack obama face-to-face, delivering the conservative message, winning the argument in order to overcome his billion dollar machine. with your help, as your spokesperson, representing your values on behalf of our children, our grandchildren, and our country, i will do everything i c
FOX News
Jan 1, 2012 3:00pm EST
of view. how many are republican? okay. how many are democrats? how many voted for barack obama? how many voted for john mccain? a little more for mccain. here's the question i want to start. i think 2011 will be remembered as the year that america did not recover. how many of you know people that have either a., lost their job, are struggling or they have lost their home, in a tough spot. how many? >> now, the question is: who do you hold responsible for ha? >> obama, mainly. >> why? >> he's want shown the leadership we need. the over regulation has been oppressive and we don't have any new jobs being created. >> who do you feel is responsible? >> i blame all of washington. the president is the captain of the team. but if the president and congress can't get their act together to pass legislation, how can the country move forward. >> is washington broken? >> absolutely. >> yes or no? >> yes! >> regardless, you all think it's broken. who broke it? >> well, there is enough blame to go around. but the president needs to knock heads and get these folks talking to one another and stop the gr
FOX News
Jan 30, 2012 2:00pm PST
the presidential election come out. you see romney leading president obama by 48-47. then we do a poll each one of the four candidates, president obama leading gingrich 54-40. and ron paul a 7% margin against ron paul and then with rick santorum i believe, yeah, it's of 7-point margin. i tell you what it tells me about the newt problem. newt comes out fourth against obama in these swing states. to explain these swing states is the last election polls will determine. they include florida, ohio, pennsylvania, virginia, nevada, colorado. states like that. >> indiana? >> bob: no, we conceded that. but the point is these are the states that will determine this is which is why the president of united states campaigns in those states. nonetheless, it tells me newt sort of nationally as well. this is a result of this primary. >> in terms of electability. >> bob: the republican nomination is tied with president obama the trouble he is in right now. he has not served them well. >> eric: people realize they have to pick a candidate to go up against obama. we should vote for romney or obama. if you said ge
Jan 2, 2012 12:00am PST
to be in 2012. does the country hold or fold? does it go with the popular stirrings of barack obama or with the angry demands he be dumped? it's starting in frigid cold iowa, the christian conservatives who like pat robertson and mike huckabee will beeline to the caucuses and the whole shebang begins. getting the story right. we're hear to hear them. what does the panel think the press can do better to cover this election. how do we tell the story the american people are about to tell. and finally, i can see clearly, ok, how good were we? all those tell me somethings i don't know, who really did tell us something only he or she knew. hi, i'm chris matthews. happy new year and welcome to the show. with us today, the national journal's major garret, cnn's gory borger, kelly o'donnell and david ignatius. happy new year. we have been looking forward to this presidential election year it seems forever. finally, we're on the verge of the first voting. we want to give you a road map for the rest of this year. no matter who the republicans choose ultimately, voters will have to decide wheth
Jan 24, 2012 6:30pm EST
controversial el tercer mensaje sobre el estado de la naciÓn del presidente obama. >> impuestos de la discordÍa, mitt romney revela centavo acento a skwe centavo lo que pagÓ >> el mÉxico no que se disputa el oscar como mejor actor. >> el aperitivo de esta noche de relaciones peligrosas la sÚper nueva novela de telemundo, la ediciÓn martes del noticiero telemundo comienza ya. en washington. washington. >> hola ¿quÉ tal? muy buenas tardes en donde reina la espera del tercer mensaje del presidente obama un discurso aÚn antes de escuchar no es controversia y se espera que el mandatario haga su discurso en las espaldas insistirÁ y reactivar la controversia. lori montenegro tiene todos los detalles. >> la economÍa y como reactivar buscando generar interÉs en la casa blanca divulgÓ lo que hablarÁ. >> en el informe serÁn los votantes por la falta de buenos empleo s y la situaciÓn financiera. >> durante el fin de semana obama daba un avance a los temas que invocarÍa y declaraba que presentarÁ un plan para que los estados unidos perdura y incluir a todos. >> si vamos a seguir en un paÍs
Jan 5, 2012 7:00am EST
quote , it's two words -- beat obama. >> reporter: pat griffin is a republican strategist and professor here in new hampshire. how significant is it for mitt romney to get an endorsement from john mccain? >> i think this has been planned for a while. the value of the mccain brand, particularly in new hampshire, a place he won in 2000 and beat george bush, a place he beat mitt romney it's a little coincidental, isn't it that this would happen on this day after iowa? >> reporter: the move is meant
Jan 21, 2012 4:03pm EST
carolina. we will take a quick look now at some of the commercials by the front runners. >> obama wants to fundamentally transformed america. this president has enacted legislation. he lost our triple a credit rating. i will restore it. he passed obamacare. i will repeal it. i will balance the federal budget. if you believe the disappointments of the last few years are a detour and not a destination, i am asking for your vote. i am mitt romney and i approve this message. >> obama support of the wall street bailouts, so did romney. obama gave us radical obamacare based on romney-care. obama is a liberal on social issues. romney bragged he was even more liberal than ted kennedy on social issues. why would we ever vote for someone who is just like obama when we can unite around rick santorum and beat obama? >> i am. santorum and i approve this message. >> you take out enemies wherever they are. newt gingrich was right. >> i stopped by the conservative principles that he outlined. >> the people in this room feel speaker gingrich is right and i do too. >> i agree with speaker gingrich. i do
Jan 13, 2012 11:00pm PST
a new book about the obamas called obamas in "the new york times" journalist is jodi kantor. >> i don't see how (bam would be president without michelle obama. the pattern i've always seen in my reporting is that she can-- to other people. and charlie, don't you think we're really going to see that in the 2012 campaign. >> rose: we continue this evening with wade davis, his book is called not silence. the great war, mall ory and the conquest of everests. >> the war became this template of their lives. and it was-- it was in the fiber of their being. and they carry odd i physically to the mountains. >> we conclude this evening with todd buchholz's book is called rush y you need and love the rat race. >> this journey that we're all in as noisy tas s as dangerous, as frustrating is a journey that has extended human life. a hundred years ago you wouldn't have seen there is a rat race a hundred years ago it was simpler. half the population lived on the farm, right. there was-- your cell phone wouldn't interrupt you during dinner, you wouldn't get stuck in traffic. but life expectancy, char
FOX News
Jan 9, 2012 5:00pm PST
want performance like obama and reagan, polar spoipts spioth, it's all about persuasion and to romney who is the likely nominee. brand-new poll says romney is ahead in new hampshire tonight. that vote is tomorrow. the poll says romney has 33%. paul 20, gingrich 11 and santorum 10. south carolina where the vote is january 21, romney is leading in most of the polls. it's clearly the governor's race the lose and it didn't alter that. the question becomes how should conservative americans handle the romney situation? well it all depends on how you see president obama. all the polls say romney would offer obama the hardest challenge so even a gingrich could is a stretch. talking points mirt romney to do well tomorrow in new hampshire. also the republican machine in south carolina is now on the governor's side so he should compete well there. in florida, again the machine is backing romney. so while it's not over until the fat lady sings, many hefty women are avidly rehearsing. cautionary note for romney, why the u.s.a. is losing power. he must make his case clearly without any waffling. th
FOX News
Jan 10, 2012 9:00pm PST
, the opposite of the obama program of higher taxes, more regulations, less american energy and attacking the people creating jobs look at the models. i believe we can reach out and create a majority that will shock the country and put us back on the right track. it is doable. it is a daunting challenge. consider alternative. if we do not go the extra mile and we do not offer a vision powerful nouf unify americans, and we continue down the road that obama has us on, the bureaucracy has us on, judges have us on. the pattern of how washington operates as us on. four years of decay, more years of inadd quasi and falling behind and growing weakness is the alternative. i believe it will take someone who is capable of debating barack obama face-to-face, delivering the conservative message rs winning the arguments in order to overcome his billion dollar machine. with your help, as your spokesperson, representing your values, on behalf of our children, our grandchildren and our country, i will do everything i can to win the opportunity to represent you, this fall, and debating and then, defeating
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,086 (some duplicates have been removed)